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2 years ago
Safe Parking for Homeless in Los Angeles

In our ongoing effort to address homelessness in our City, one of the challenges concerns how to get people who are living in their vehicles off the streets ...

2 years ago
2 years ago
For homeless people living in their cars, Southern California churches, temples open their parking lots

The faith community, and public officials, are warming to safe parking programs as a way for them to help address homelessness.

2 years ago

Good Friday—Viernes Santo
Via Crucis 5:30pm
Easter Vigil 8pm
Easter breakfast 8:30am
9:45 English, 12:00 español

2 years ago
The safe parking problem

St Mary’s makes the LA Times editorial page for our commitment to Safe Parking!

of homelessness, having a vehicle is what passes for being lucky. It means you can avoid spending the night on a sidewalk or in a creepy emergency shelter. And if that’s luck, it’s spreading: The ... See more

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