Sunday, August 22, 2010 Announcements

  1. Today 8:15am – Finance Committee meeting.
  2. Today – Fr. Van Horn preaches at 7:30 and 9:45am services and leading a vestry retreat summary after 9:45am service.
  3. Monday, August 23 – Friday, September 5 – Mo. Marilyn on vacation. Fr. Butch will provide pastoral coverage.
  4. Sunday, August 29 – 8:15am – Celtic Cross meeting – Christmas Boutique workshop at 11:00am.
  5. The Episcopal Urban Interns update: We will have 7 interns   at the rectory.  Their move-in date is August 24.  September 5     will be their first Sunday here and Gwendolyn will introduce  them at the 9:45 service.  The September Spirit will have more     information.  Their pictures and personal stories will be on the bulletin board in a week or so.