Sunday, February 14, 2010 Announcements

  1. Today -Profile Committee meeting at 11am.
  2. “Staying Close to God”: The Vestry Partner form is now posted on the hallway bulletin board-see the Feb. Spirit for details.
  3. Monday, February 15 – President’s Day Office closed.
  4. Ash Wednesday – February 17 – Services at noon and 7:00 pm (both in  English).
  5. The February 24 South Bay Bible Study is rescheduled to March 24 at the Partridges.
  6. Saturday, February 27 – Vestry Retreat -9am – 3pm at St. Mary’s (with Canon Joanna Satorius).
  7. Sunday, February 28 – Profile Committee presentation during every service.
  8. Sunday, February 28 – The Women of St. Mary’s Cleanup Workshop – cleaning upstairs sewing room.
  9. Aid for HAITI Earthquake Survivors: Episcopal Relief & Development (ERD) is receiving donations.  Donation brochures are in the church entrance.