Sunday, July 31, 2011 Announcements

  1. Today – 11:00am, join us in the parish hall for a farewell coffee hour, and prayers for interns.
  2. Saturday, August 6 – Kyle and Kelly will be participating in a “Relay for Life” team at Oak Park High School. Others on the team are Loreen, Bobbie and Larry Higa, and Michelle Kuruma.  The team name is: “Love for LeRoy, Ohana and Amigos.”  To make donations to this cause you can go to
  3. Saturday, August 6 – Please join us for St. Mary’s Choir party at the home of Dr. and Mrs. Steven Nishibayashi.  The address is 1415 Opechee Way, Glendale, Ca.  For directions, call (818) 507-7970.
  4. Sunday, August 14 – Omatsu Golf Tournament.